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The Simulator is back!

To mark's twentieth anniversary, the famous Simulator is back online for a limited time. First launched in 2001, the Simulator let you take a virtual drive around the roads of the UK. The version you see here is how it appeared when it was taken offline for the last time in Summer 2010.

It's presented here exactly as it was eleven years ago, so some of the information it displays is now inaccurate.

Simulator Logo

More than a year in the making, a powerful and unique CGI program is now at your disposal to travel an expanding and carefully recreated road network. It's a whole new way to explore and learn about British roads - the Simulator gives you the freedom to go wherever you want to go, how you want to get there, with no worries about the time, the cost or the distance.

Users of non-visual browsers: the Simulator is a program that attempts to replicate the experience of travelling British roads. To do so it uses a large number of image files and is therefore unsuitable for text-based browsers, screen readers, and most mobile devices. If you're unable to view the site using a visual browser then I'm sorry that the Simulator is not available for you to enjoy.

To get started, select the box that applies to you.

Get your motor running...

If you've used the Simulator before then you can jump straight in - click the button below to get started or pick an option for more information.

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See available roads map
See the list of contributors

If you've never used the Simulator before, then have a look at the following before you dive in. It won't take long, I promise.

First of all, get to know the Simulator with the quick and easy Guide to the Simulator. It'll tell you all you need to know to use the program.

Next, you might want to download and install the "Transport" and "Motorway" fonts. The Simulator uses these to show road signs accurately, but it can only do so if the fonts are installed on your computer. They're free to use, standard TrueType fonts.

You're now ready to start - but you might like to see a map of available roads or view the list of contributors before you start.

That's it. To launch the program, click the button below.

Launch the Simulator

Please note

In its present incarnation, the Simulator is not yet fully complete and as such has some rough edges. It is not yet optimised to run on all different types of computer system, but most users should not experience any problems. In addition, no documentation or support information is yet available.

You can also open the Simulator in this browser window.

The Simulator was partly inspired by Trippy Drive '71, a Java-based game at